As you can see clearly int the google trend below that our beloved Joomla has been fighting an uphill task of surviving in the wild competition of CMS. However, it has been going strong every year, with each developed version. A time will come when majority of world websites will run only on Joomla. That day is far but sure. In between its journey Joomla took a beating and became less favorite among users, but just like the war-horse it leapt forth and bagged top CMS position previous year. Lets spread the word around of Joomla versatility.

Joomla is the most powerful CMS. It has stood its ground, when newcomer CMS(es) have vied with one other to occupy the top position. The kind of flexibility Joomla provides is unprecedented. If you are a coding developer, you can create your own modules, plugins or insert codes in templates to make your website perform specialized functions. If you are only website developer then also Joomla won't disappoint you. You can create websites with least knowledge of coding language. Only basics of HTML and CSS will do. In addition to this flexibility Joomla brings on table, a robust file system that cannot be broken in easily. However for a determined hacker, no system is hack proof, so it is essential that we make our Joomla websites as secured as possible. To carry out this task, there are exact extensions. One has to search through, in large pool of Joomla extension directory (JED). In order to save your time, we recommend following extensions which are free and offer wide range of options to serve your needs.


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